Aug 22, 2008


Well...Frankly speaking, I couldn't pass the teacher hiring exam.

Let me talk a little bit about job-hunting in Japan.

The academic year starts on April and ends on March. Usually, students get jobs before graduation.
Job-interviews are not held through one year. Most job-interviews are done from October to summer next year.
Therefore, Junior students have to start looking for jobs while they attend classes.

In my case, I was not interested in companies before going to the U.S. I wanted to be a teacher in my city. Usually, students who hope to become teachers don't apply for job interviews.

Each company has different procedure of job interviews. For example, we are required to submit resume and to take exam on the net. The resume includes kinda essay (e.g. why we want to get a job in that company, what we have done in the university, how we can contribute to that company...). Exams are multiple chioces. They consist of math, Japanese(reading). We have to answer them quickly.
If we can pass this first step, we can take job interview. In case of big, famous companies, we have to take interviews at least three times.

Meanwhile, in teacher hiring exams, we have to memorize many education knowledge.

Therefore, it's really difficult to try to do both job-interviews and teacher hiring exams. There are not so many people who try to do both. Rather, there're not so many students who are intersted in both of them. my case, I wanted to work in my city. My city, Akita, is located in countryside. So, there're not many jobs we can make money. In this situation, teachers are kinda high-wage job. Furthermore, I didn't dislike teaching.

But, here we got one more problem. Because of few number of students, only a few people is hired as a teacher in my city. (Japan consists of 47 municipal districts and each district has own hiring system.) The competition is really intense.

Surprisingly, most English teachers can't speak English. I thoght I needed to speak English both to become a good teacher and to win this hiring exam. So, I studied TOEFL test to go aboad as a exchange student.

On 23th Aug. 2007, I left Japan to the U.S.

One year has passed.

After I studied in the U.S, occupation as a teacher was not so attracting for me anymore. I don't think I have to stay in my city. I feel like meeting many people who are from various places, countries.

So far, I took some job interviews and teacher hiring exam. As I said before, I passed one of job interviews. This company is located in my place. It's not so bad condition.

Today, the result for teacher hiring exam was revealed. I couldn't pass it. People who could pass have one more exam day. At last, only a few people, 1~3 people will be hired.

The number of applicants for English teacher in high school was 53. I guess half of them are part time teachers. My district don't hire many teachers but hire people as part time teachers. Difference between tearhers and part time teachers is just wage. That's all. Part time teachers have to work as well as teachers. It's not fair...
Part time teachers tried this exam every year again and again. It's really hard for university student to start to work as a teacher in my place.

I feel I couldn't get good score in the exam which asked current topics. Even though I read newspapers which were issued while I was in the U.S after I came back, I couldn't keep up with all of them. sum up, I have one job I could pass. Today, I got one good result from a kinda famous company. Maybe, I will take this job interview next week.

Actually, I feel I cannot pass it because only some people are hired. Now, companies are trying to make up for the lack of new workers. I mean, most students almost finished job hunting. Some students pass some companies. Of course, they have to choose one company from them. The company that student cancel to be hired need one more worker.

In this season, most companies give students job interviews just because of making up for that.

Because it seems prestigious university students will take job interviews in that company, it will be really difficult for me to win against them.

But, nothing will happen unless I take action.

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