Dec 2, 2008

Time flies!

This year's thanksgiving day has past...Now, it's already December!!

December 1st, yesterday, let me down every year. On this day, I notice I have only 31 days left until next year starts. Then, I start to recollect some resolution I've got on Jan this year. I ask myself how much I could attain my goal. What did I learn this year? How much did I grow up? Rather, what did I do?---I always somehow regret for something undone every year haha.

Then, I notice I have STILL 31 days to try my resolution. Oh yeah, I can do it!! I say it to myself. That's my typical Dec 1st lol.

Well, there're many Christmas decoration outside now. Actually, we can see such decoration easily everywhere after Halloween. Our country enjoys events such as Chiristmas the U.S celebrates EXCEPT Thanksgiving. It's one of really important events for people in the States but Japanese don't know it. I was really surprised to know how much significant this event was. In Japan, malls and department stores decorate with Chiritmas stuff right after Halloween. I hope I can show some scenery to you through pictures later.
About this photo, It's not relevant to this article though...
this matcha latte was yummy. Available at convenience store. It's like 1.5 USD.


exter said...

the green tea flovour of starbuck coffee seem delicious, don't know malaysia have such flavour cos' i normally hang out in coffee bean, heheh!

kaori said...

This is only sold in the convenience store, not in real Starbucks. But, if you go to Starbucks in Japan, you will see Japanese only flavors. What kinda flavor you can try depends on the season.

japan really likes seasonal stuff...For instance, now, the kitkat chocorate has 2 flavors (straberry and apple) plus normal one. In spring, usually, the cherry-blossom taste will show up!