Dec 13, 2008

Sparkling night

The moon between the Chiristmas illuninations
Last Friday, my mom and I joined one-day bas tour to go to Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture.

Before seeing the illminations, we visited a brand-new outlet mall. It's like typical malls in America. There're many stores to see...but, we had only 3 hours to enjoy there. I bought a sweater. The tag price was almost 100 USD but I could buy it for around $30! Good deal.
After leaving that mall, we headed for downtown in Sendai. My mom visited a department store and I wandered around the downtown and saw some shops. Pictures below were taken around Sendai station.

Flower shop
After shopping, we went to the main street which was decorated with illuminations.

It's really fantastic....but, I'm not sure if you guys can feel it from these pictures...It's really hard to take these illumination beautifully...Last Friday, this illumination event started so many people were gathering this place. You can see this until the end of December.

Official homepage for this event called 'Sendai Pageant of Starlight'. It's Japanese only but you can see more beautiful pictures there.


exter said...

wow,christmas coming! i heard christmas songs almost from each station no matter chinese radio station or english radio station.

the place(sendai) you visit is beautiful! full of christmas atmosphere!the recommended website also interesting, the wallpaper keep changing,nice pictures~Merry christams to u!

kaori said...

There're many Chiristmas music around us but I feel like we miss something...yep, there's no snow at all. Without snow, I don't feel winter has come! haha

Mary Christmas!!