Dec 4, 2008

Super concentration

I wanted to concentrate on reading some academic paper today, so I decided to go to the library near my home. It's 2km from here. That prefectural (=state in the U.S?) library is biggest one around here. When I'm getting bored of studying, I can read some books. It's good place.

I didn't notice it's closed today until I went to the library...why...? Usually, it's not open on Mondays.

Still, I could keep motivated, so I went to another library near the station. It's city library. I arrived there around 12:40pm and concentrated on reading for almost 4 hours. Too much concentration made me exhausted. The room for studying is prepared like in the picture.

Around 3, high school students came to study... A glance at textbooks they have reminds me of my high school times...

I thought "I don't wanna go back to that time anymore"...Studying or club activity (brass band). That's it. I really didn't hang out with my friends after school as typical students do...Actually, I didn't hate such a student life filled with studying but I just don't wanna experience it again haha.

Still, this concentration might have been acquired by studying hard at high school? If so, it's a nice fruit~!


exter said...

hahaha, actually i'm quite miss the time in secondary school & college time, after school can having lunch & hang out with friends. One whole group study together in school library & having lot fun there.

But i can feel what ur feel, the kind of feeling that we dislike is the pressure of the examination, hahah! cherish every moment, time really flies, every hard time wii pass. Gambadei, kaori!

kaori said...

Your story is really good. In my high school, everyone is seeing themselves as rivals...I remember i was told I had to prepare for the entrance exam for university RIGHT after entrance celemony...

Still, every moment is not a waste at all. Ill Cherish every moment as you said. Thanks exter!!