Dec 31, 2008

Thanks goodbye 2008

2008 is almost gone.

I'm watching Kohaku uta gassen(紅白歌合戦), annual famous music show on TV.

We'll go to new year in 15 mins after this music program.


I started this year in MN, USA.

(I never forget the temperature on that day. minus28℃!)

I visited many places---San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Minneapolis, Chicago (twice!), Beijing China---

I met many people---I don't say their names here. When I had hard time, you guys helped me a lot.

2008 is almost gone.

I really thank you guys.

I will give you one of favorite songs this year, GIFT by Mr.Children. I listened this song and played it with piano often. (Right now, Mr.Children appeared on music show to sing this song!)

GIFT by Mr.Children

May the new year bring happiness to you guys, my 'sisters and brothers' all over the world!!


exter said...

happy new year! A new begginning again, ganbadei & post more new tear photos, awaiting!

Anonymous said...

i love this song, even though we didnt know each other but i like your blog

kaori said...


A happy new year!! Are you already back to office from today (Jan 2nd)? Here, most of people are still in vacation. You guys celebrate more around Feb??

Well, I want to keep in touch with you also this year=) thanks always!

Mr./Ms. Anonymous

Thanks for the comment. you also like that song? that's good. I hope you enjoy here and leave some comments sometimes=)