Dec 22, 2008

My new 'enemy'

Christmas is coming.....I think you feel the Christmas mood wherever you are.

BUT! This posting is TOTALLY unrelated to Christmas.

I may have found 'new enemy'.

That is, Chinese yam!

(山芋(Yamaimo) in Japanese)

Actually, I love Chinese yam pretty much. We ground yam, put it in hot pot and had it for dinner tonight.

The incident happened last time I was grinding it.

I started to feel itchy on my hands.

My hands were getting red!

I guess it's kinda allergy.

Today, I was trying to 'revenge'.

My mom recommended me to put a glove on my hands but I declined it!

Well, I didn't feel itchy this time.

Um...itchy a little bit?

Anyway, it's only clear there's no problem about EATING Chinese yam. haha


Neo said...

chinese yam ice cream is delicious u should try on it haha

kaori said...

never heard such a taste before...where should i try it? haha

exter said...

yam ice cream is yummy & in purple color, what is the taste of chinese yam? it's look like white carrot in M'sia.

kaori said...

ah~~~now I got what you guys meant! We also have purple one. It's sweet right?
Chinese yam I mentioned here is white sticky one...Actually, it tastes nothing special. We enjoy the stickiness.