Nov 24, 2008

Ideas appreciated!!

I'm working on my dissertation usually at home as I said before. I had a big presentation two weeks ago. I had to give a presentation how I will work on my paper. The preparation for this presentation was so tough. My seminarmates and I have worked pretty hard to have audiences understand as much as possible for almost 2 months. I revised my handouts again and again...more than 10 times. I think (and our prof said) we did quite good job.

I was working on the desk literally all the time until this presentation so that I feel like I used up all of my energy haha.
When I wasn't motivated for preparation, my options were listening to music with iPod (especially rock when I'm frustrated), browsing books and the Internet like in the picture. (If several friends on MSN were online, it made me feel I had to work hard! ) If they didn't work, I left from the desk and went to other room to play the piano, watched "Ugly Betty" and other TV programs. It's sort of my daily life.

Now that I've done with my presentation, I have to start working on my research again. I want to find other ways to take a short break. Any advise for me??


exter said...

well well , congratulation for the well done job!

ya ya, taking a short break is to encourage you as you already complete a mission. Going for a movie in cinema, have a good dinner, going karoake & shopping with friends also a good idea.

I still remember last time after working hard for the examination i will hang out with my friends
for good foods & chit chat.

Take a good rest, perhaps go for mountaineering or jogging is another way for stress releasing.Ganbadei!

kaori said...

thank you very much~~

as you said, spending time with my friends will be good one but the problem is....I have no friend (kidding, I hope haha).

The problem is almost all of my friends already graduated from university and they're working now. I have to repeat senior year because I spent one year at univ in the States as an exchange student...

But, some gatherings are held in the end of year usually. I hope I can meet some friends there.

I like jogging pretty much! Around until the end of Oct. I was jogging in the night. Now, freezing weather make me stay at home...oh gosh...

I think I should find more ways to make me relaxed against hard work that'll be waiting after I start to work!!

Thanks for your a lot of advice!!