Dec 10, 2008

Mission completed!?

Almost 7 months have already passed since I came back to my home after finishing 1-year exchange program in the States.

I established some goals before going to the States.

Just YESTERDAY, one of my goals was finally accomplished! Yea!!

That is, I wanted someone to admit my English was Americanized! I thought it would be a positive proof of studying in the States haha. So simple.

In my seminar for grad thesis yesterday, my prof pointed out an expression in my handout and said 'it's totally American usage.'

It's about the verb 'get'. I always pay attention to make academic English sentences in my thesis. But, unconsciously, I used 'get' in a casual way. I reviewed my handouts several times before that class though.....Seems I wasn't able to notice it.

My prof told me not to use that 'get' in academic situation. Still, somehow, I felt satisfied as if I finished mission. (Is it a little bit exaggeration? haha)

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