Dec 5, 2008


Today's lunch~Pescatore. It's 1100 yen ( 12 USD)
I feel 1100yen is kinda expensive for lunch but it's really good.

Compared to restaurants in the States, it'll be reasonable I guess.

One of favorite points about Japan is that we can visit restaurants if we don't have so much money. In case of America, I feel I will need $20 dollar at least to eat such pasta stuff (Regarding to chained stores, it will be another story though) Oh! and also, we have to keep in mind that we have to give some tip in the States. In Japan, we don't have to think about a tip. If it's 1100 yen, it's the sum!


Neo said...

Cool, but i didnt know that the living expenses in Japan is expensive than in US.

The second picture looks alike Malaysian Food too. You make me starving haha!

exter said...

yeah! look yummy, malaysia bills always added 10% + 5% service & government tax, so no need to give extra tips to them.

kaori said...


ah~you're right. No objection haha.

oh really? Many seafood was in it!


ok~i see. Here, the price includes the consumptation tax(=5%).