Oct 28, 2008

Parttime job 2

Well, I had temporal part time job last week and today again (cf. parttime job 1 http://ilovegrapefrui2.blogspot.com/2008/10/parttime-job-1.htmll) Right after I finished part time job about traffic jam investigation, I found totally same job provided by another company. I didn't have any reason to miss it! I called the office and was assigned to work on it last Tuesday, Wednesday and today from 4pm through 7pm.

We had to put on that helmet...(picture)

Day 1 (last Tuesday)

After my class was done at 2:30pm, I rushed to the office. There're 4 more part time job workers (all guys!) Our boss took us to the place we would work.

This intersections is really famous for heavy traffic...but actually, the routes I was searching was not so crowded.

Day 2 (last Wednesday)

This is another intersection which is famous for the traffic jam....Yeah, I realized it pretty much. In this research, I have to find the last car which is on the line...Around 5:30pm, it started to be crowded...and the last car was far from this intersection...like 500m~600m away...

Also, I have to check how long that last car will take to go through this intersection. That is...when I found the last car which was far from 600m, I had to follow that car to check when the car would go through the intersection.

I ran back and forth...so tired...besides, it's so cold.

Day 3 (Today)
Oh my gosh~~~~~It started to rain!!!

It's not crowded here...so basically I didn't have to run as I did last Wednesday...I don't know if it's good or not. I mean, I started to get cold because basically I was standing almost at the same point for 3 hours in the rain. (The tempurature is around 13℃, I guess...)
Now, I finished to take a bath but I still feel cold....I hope I didn't catch a cold...ohhh, I'm tired than I think...

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