Oct 2, 2008

Have to go to the dentist

In 30 mins, I will go to the dentist. This is the first time to go there after I came back to Japan from the States.

Before going to the States, I went there to check if i had bad teeth or not. I guess I had only some. I had my teeth fixed completly because it's expensive to go to the dentists in the States.

After 3 months passed in the U.S, I started to feel pain in some of my teeth. When I ate something sweet, I slightly felt that. Only three months!!?? But, actually, no wonder cuz sweets in the States are really sweet!!

Finally, I will go to have my teeth examined.
How many bad teeth I have now??

To be continued...


Remi said...

Konbanwa fom Tokyo:-)

Please say hello to your mom!!!

kaori said...

oh Remichan!


Hope my blog is gonna be good for you to kill the time=)

Remi said...

Ah-ha. I understand your situation you don't have enough chance to use English in Akita....maybe I'll introduce wonderful English school in Akita I used to go if you want.

keep in touch!!

kaori said...

That would be cool~~~but remember I don't have enough money...hehe.
In any case, thanks☆Keep in touch!