Oct 18, 2008

Changed header pic!!

I changed header pictures. It's halloween version~~~
As I wrote down on the right side, it's part of the greeting card I sent to my family last year at this time.

I always use pictures I took for the header. The pictures I used so far are listed on the right side. I hope my precious visitors can enjoy them=)


exter said...

happy hallowen to u~

the header pic u put looked kawaii(very cute),not scary at all

do u participate any hallowen party in ur country?

kaori said...

Kawaii??I think so too haha. Thanks!!

We don't usually have parties for Halloween even though there're many stuff sold for celebrating Halloween.

What about your country??

Xazvier said...

Hei, how are you these days, its been a while i didn't update myself with your blog. Not bad, you still remember Hollowen day in US. But even we have fall break, i am really busy in this semester, i begin to feel tension of academy. You should work hard too, as your presentation seems to be uncomplete yet, gamabateh.

kaori said...

Omg~~now that you pointed out my incomplete presentation, I lost my motivation for posting new article here kk. I almost started to write though...haha.
yeah, as you said, i have to work on that preparation now.

You remind me of Halloween last year in the States...it's not good at all. I will jot down it later here.

You should come here more to PATROL my blog especially about my way terrible grammar...haha

Good luck on your everything from Japan. Take care and miss you=)