Oct 5, 2008

Missing my friends

(It's me @ the top of not so high mountain)

I was dreaming last night. It was really long story. The place was junior high school, maybe. I was one of students. I don't remember what we did exactly but I'm sure I enjoyed there pretty much. There're many students who I didn't know.
Usually I don't see such many people like this in my dream.

Right after I waked up, I felt empty.

These days, I'm always blue.

Seeing the clear autumn sky gives me nostalgia.

I realized one of reasons was I couldn't meet my friends these days after I saw the dream.

Now, my university friends already graduated from university while I was in the States. Even though I go to my university now, there's no my friends. Actually, it doesn't matter so much. Of course, I miss my friends but I'm still OK.

What about my friends in the States? I always miss them pretty much. No matter how much I miss them, I can't meet them.

Now that I finished my job hunting, I'm always working on my grad thesis in my home. Basically, I'm alone now.

Yeah, I'm missing my friends much more than I thought.

I was wondering how I should deal with this situation, reading books in the morning.

Suddenly, my friends called me. They are my Japanese friends we met while we're studying in the U.S. They're students in other university in my city.

They asked me to have lunch because they had something to do and would come near my home.

Actually, I already finished my lunch but I decieded to meet them.

I already met one of guys after returning to Japan. It's first time to see the other guy after I met him the last time in the States.

I had really good time with them. I could feel relaxed.

Afrer I came back to home, I realized I was satisfied to be able to meet my friends.

Besides, one of my friends talked to me on MSN. It was first time to talk after we went back from the States to each country. Our chat last for one hour. I felt good upon hearing her voice.

Today's my dream was kinda predictive dream? I could meet my friends in reality and on the web. It's a nice day. They soothed me to some extent.


exter said...

Cherish & appreciate the moment, friends or family you have.

I can feel that in our every stage also have different friends around, for sure we missing them too, but we will meet others friends in another new environment.Perhaps busy schedule will make friends apart, but true friendship will never ending.

Nowadays can easily contact by msn, messenger, email & by Hp.Cheer up urself, ganbadei~

kaori said...

Thanks for your kind message~~!!All you said is true.

Next spring, around when I start to work, I hope I will meet new people.

Now, i'm really happy because you,that is,one of my friends, cheered me up pretty much. Thanks!!gambaru!!