Oct 22, 2008

Parttime job 1

I have looked for a part time job since I finished my job-hunting. I took some part time job interviews so far but I couldn't pass all of them!!!!!!!!

The reason they didn't hire me is easy and clear. Becuase of my personality.....NO WAY!!(I hope...) It's because I can't work for a lont time. They know I have to quit that job around my graduation in six monthes (and I will start to work as a member of society).

....and finally!! I could get a part time job last week. That's only one-day part time job (haha). They don't care what I'm like because I will work for just one day.

At that day, I went to the working place at 6:00am.

This is my working place.
(It's not sunset! It's rising sun!!)

Yep! one of INTERSECTIONS at down town!!

My task was about how much crowded the street with traffic was.

My working hour was 7am-10am and 5pm-7pm. During that hours, I was standing outside for this investigation.

You know.....it's really cold!!!

Actually, the road was not so crowded...Besides, I worked on it with one guy. So, it's not so tough work (it's just chilling) and I was bored...

Well...the guy who I was working with looked like university student.

"Is he student from my university...??"

When I was wondering like that, he introduced himself just quickly and I realized he's 35-year old!!

He said his occupation was spiderman(steeplejack). He has applied for some temporal part time jobs because he can't earn enough money in his regular work. He complained his company didn't get many requests he could work as a spiderman.

Usually, I don't have chance to meet this kinda people...also, it's rare to work as a blue-collar. Everything I experienced at that day was special.

To be continued...

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