Nov 3, 2008

Autumn Scenery

Autumn tints the mountains with beautiful colors. The trees turned red and yellow...(I didn't see red colored trees when I was in the States.) My family went to the mountains to enjoy the autumn leaves. Actually, the best time to see beautiful autumn scenery already passed in my place. I guess we should have been there last weekend (but it's raining at that time). Anyway, I enjoyed the Japanese autumn scenery. Can you see the trees reflected on the river??
Today, Nov 3rd falls on Cultural Day (文化の日 Bunka-no-hi) in Japan. One of holidays in November. Many cultural events like concerts were held everywhere (I was working on my thesis though...) Usually, it's sunny on Nov 3rd every year but it's not this year. I guess many leaves fell because of intense wind and rain.

Weather forecast says it's 10c tomorrow...woo~~Winter is coming!!??


exter said...

really beautiful scenery where Malaysia can't experience~>''<~
where is the place? isn't near to your house?

kaori said...

I'm thinking of taking more beautiful pictures...I guess I will be able to take them around my house. Let me try it!
That place is one hour drive from my place.