Sep 26, 2008

Prime minister

The day before yesterday, former prime minister Yasuo Fukuda resigned and Taro Aso started to work as the new prime minister.

This is the newspaper which was issued the day before Aso was chosen.

Ususally, there's a corner which introduces what the prime minister is doing all the day in the newspaper.

At that day, they mentioned how Fukuda spent his last day as a prime minister as usual. Furthermore, they also said about Aso because we could expect Aso would be next prime minister. They still called Aso "Mr.Aso", not " prime minister Aso"

They mention all of things the prime minister did. For example, it said Aso got a haircut at a hotel in Tokyo at 10:59am.

What about the newspaper in your country? Does it include this kind of section?

The prime minister changed once a year...Is our country all right?? I'm not good at politics but I can't help thinking like that.

Lastly, new prime minister Aso is well known for Otaku, anime/manga nerd.


exter said...

i see, ya i watch news in TV, our country change prime minister every5 years.

Early Mar'08, our country just held an election & i go for voting too,once you are 21st and above, you have the right & can register as a voter.

kaori said...

oh i see...
When the prime minister is chosen, we don't go to the poll. Only our representatives will do that.

Sorry my reply is late.
These days, I have internet connection troubles. It's hard to connect to the internet in my home.