Nov 12, 2008

THE autumn scenery

Last week, I went to the spa on the mountain near my home. On my way to the spa, I found really good scenery!! I'm really confident I took superb pictures of Japanese autumn!!
As I said before, I guess these red leaves are characteristics of Japanese autumn. Enjoy!!

The best shot!!

This gradation reminds me of Hawaiian gradation??

Cute, isn't it??

I hope you could enjoy Japanese fall scenery through these pictures=)


exter said...

wow, really enjoying!
nice shot, i like photo no.6 the most, each leave separately fall to the ground, very cute scnery~ganbadei

kaori said...

I'm happy to hear that=)
I also thought the pic you chose was really cute.
Now, almost all of leaves have fallen. It's really winter weather these days.