Nov 17, 2008

So many

These days, many people have degital cameras and take pictures easily. Also, it is the fact not so many people develop pictures. I mean, they don't print them out. I like to see printed pics. I can share pics with my friends at the same time.

My mother asked me to order prints so I'm working on it now. Usually, I order them on the Internet and pictures are sent to my address. Payment is done by credit card.

Whew~~~I took soooooooooooo many pictures this year.....It's a dahlia at my grandma's yard taken some months ago.


exter said...

wow, so beautiful blossomly open dahlia! the angle u took the photo also very nice.

your grandma like to plant? next time show off some more her planting, she must be very proud to have blossomly open flowers & plant around her house. my grandma also the same, she is around 80 now~how bout your grandma ?

kaori said...


My grandma likes her garden. I should have taken more photoes of flowers in her garden.
Now, it started to snow in the northen part of Japan including our places. So, there's no flower in her garden maybe.
My grandma is 79-year-old~it's almost same?