Jan 27, 2010

Just updated

Hi there=) I haven't posted anything since the end of 2009. I've been busy these days. I just came back to home 1 hour ago today. After working overtime, I don't feel like doing quite anything. I just want to stay calm...should I act more cheerfully? haha.
Anyway! I'm not so bad. Thank you, who frequently drop by my blogXD I wish I can keep in touch with you through this blog also this year. That's one of my resolutions.
Near my office...I really have to drive carefully otherwise my car will slip easily (my coworker did)...I saw some cars stuck on the snow after waiting for a traffic light. In that case, even though we try to go forward by stepping on the accelerator, tires will just spin...awful... This is one of stressors for my working life~~


exter said...

hello kaori,happy new year to u!!
i been to China with my family during 9 Jan to 13 Jan, for us, is cold 10 to 16 degree, especially when the wind blow to us!!
I just can't imagine how cold is ur place cos even snow everywhere!!!

take good care & careful driving, thats slippery huh even car~

kaori said...

Hey exter,
I can imagine how you felt cold!!lol. You couldn't go anywhere with just sandals right?
Let me see your blog later!

The just past week, it was warm and the snow melted completely. BUT!! It's gonna snow this week....brrr I gotta drive carefully again!!(I always do carefully though=p)