Sep 8, 2008

class, humming road

My class will start in 3 hours. Actually, new semester called second semester will start on 1st Oct.

That class is about the graduation thesis. We have to give a presentation about our thesis in the middle of Nov. It's earier than usual. Therefore, our prof. suggested us to start our class now. It would be a little bit late to start it on Oct.

Actually, I should call that class seminar. Students learn in the prof's office. In our case, we give an individual presentation about the graduation thesis and discuss it. At the same time, we have to write paper, that is, graduation thesis.

My prof, Japanese, is used to work as a prof in famous univ in London. When I was freshman, he came back to Japan after 10-year staying overseas. He said it was really fun to discuss with students in London but he also wanted to share this experience with Japanese students, especially in country side.

Seems like many prestigious universities in Japan have tried to hire him but he chose my university which was not famous for linguistics. He said he wanted to let students know how linguistics is interesting.

Usually, graduation thesis is written in Japanese....except my prof.'s seminar. Yeah, we have to write it in English.

Even though he stayed in the States as a grad student, his staying in London is longer than that. His English is British one. He always asks students to pay attention to express clearly in English.

My English is far from the academic English he likes.

Anyway, I have to go to univ after lunch.
I usually go there by bicycle. It's 4 km, 20 mins cycling. It's always windy here so hard to keep going. The scenery in that picture is on the way to my home from univ. This road is called 'Humming road' for the pedestrian which surrounds the elementary school. Many flowers are in bloom. I will let you see them later.

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Xazvier said...

yo, i wish i can go to Japan too with that kind of atmosphere within campus area. That;s just unbelievable if i can pay a visit to there. How was your life there, im quite busy over here though. I have to prepare malaysian nigh, night security, homework, and Exams!!! Guess this is typical university life.

you take care too, i heard that you are writing paper for professor though. Ganbareru

kaori said...

Thank you for your comment.
You are 120% welcome to Japan. You're really eligible to come here...rather than me because you know a lot about Japanese stuff. I'm waiting for you here~~

Malaysian night is on 27th right? Two more weeks left. preparation is quite tough?
Hope I will be able to go there~~

I start to work on my dissertation. Whew~so!!

Take care!
マレーシアナイト(Malaysian night)

chamokayo said...

I found myself enjoying reading this blog. It was a long long time ago when I was a university student, so I have almost forgotten how the life of uni student was....

I will visit this blog again.
So... see you in a bit.

kaori said...

Thank you for your visiting.
I really have to concentrate on working on my dissertation now~~><
I will do my best!!

I'll go to your blog again.