Sep 22, 2008

Visit a grave

Tomorrow is autumnal equinox day, one of national holidays in Japan.

It's the day to visit a grave and show respects to our ancestors.

My parents and I did that yesterday. The grave for my paternal ancestors is near my father's home. That's less than two hour drive.

The grave is located at the top of the hill. We can see the sky and the sea well. The picture is a little bit dark but can you see some black stones? Those are common graves in Japan.

We offered some sweets called Ohagi and flowers in front of the grave.

After autumnal equinox day, the weather will be autumn one more and more.


exter said...

hehehe, thanks for telling that,no wonder my boss didn't reply mail, now i realize that yesterday is Japan public holiday

kaori said...

haha, your welcome=)
Each month has holiday(s) in Japan.

exter said...

ooh i see, heheh, then u can post here so that all people aware of Japan's holiday & culture as well...

ja nei~~