Jan 7, 2011

Overwork and Snow make me crazy!!

Did you spend good new year? Here, holidays lasted until 3rd and I started to work from 4th. From 4th to today 7th, my coworkers and I overworked every day until 9pm...Since the year end, it kept snowing and roads freeze when I go back to home. It may be more stressful to wake up earlier than usual (because it takes so much time to get to the office because of snowing) and drive on the slippery roads. Seriously, I thought I would die when I kinda slipped. Pretty stressful!!

I'm so happy I could come back to home safely and have weekends! Coming Age day falls on Jan 10th, on Monday, we've got 3-day holidays yay!!!

Have a good weekend!!


exter said...

wow...then u gonna take more attention n care ya while driving...
watching TV news showing...some places flash flood ....pity of them....as we always said climate change...lot of necessities prices raise...our Chinese new year gonna eat expensive foods~

yeah....i watched news showing that Japanese age coming day not only for peoples but even pets~~....hehehhe..so cute...cats & dogs also have age coming celebration...wishing for healthier life...

do take care while driving~

kaori said...

oh ya, I also watched that news and that's really too much!! I didn't know that news was aired outside the country!!

CNY is coming soon and have a good time with your family!!