Jan 30, 2011

Snowy weekend

Japan won Asian cup with 1-0 over Australia on Saturday midnight. We call them 'samurai blue' or 'Zacche Japan' (zacche is coach) and their play was really great.

But, I've been somehow frustrated and feeling down so much this weekend. I think there's no specific reason for it though=(
How do you manage stressors? What do you do to relax yourself?


Ashleigh said...

Thanks for the response, Kaori! I tried to 'Follow' your blog, but I don't see that option on your site >.<
These days when I'm stressed, I eat chocolate or sweet things... probably not good hehe. Watching a funny movie or romantic-comedy movie helps me too!!

kaori said...

Oh, I haven't used followers system on my blog. Let me work this later!
Yeah, laughing is good remedy! Romantic comedy...sounds interesting. Is there any recommendation??