Jan 31, 2010

A busy month has come

Wow, January has past so fast and February has come...In the beginning of each month, I'm pretty busy and I can't come back to home right after 5pm. I'm getting hungry and want to eat something. Then, I start to wonder...Here, I've got some chocolates. Can I eat them? High calories stuff in the evening? If I wait a little bit more, I can go back and I eat dinner. Yeah, I should not eat here.....But, well, if I don't eat anything, I will be incredibly hungry when I get home and I will eat a lot.....
(I think I should work on my job rather than thinking those things lol.)

Here, I've got a good solution. Yes, SOYJOY, nutrition bars whole soy and real fruit. One bar is like 140kcal. I had thought it's high calorie but it's called low-GI(Glycemic index)-food and it help keep my blood sugar steady...Anyway, it seems alright to have SOYJOY between meals.
I bought many SOYJOYs for February, busy month. It's around 100JPN (1.1USD) in some discount grocery stores. In addition to them, I bought some drinks to bring them to office...Sunday is grocery shopping day.

I saw SOYJOYs in the States several times so check it out=)

February, it's gonna be busy month. I will have business trip to Tokyo from 17th to attend 09 freshmen seminar where stuff who started to work from April 2009 gather. Attendants have to give presentations there so I was preparing for them.

I wish I could get over this busy month...Pray for me!!

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exter said...

hello kaori, ur header looks great! i love it~

wow, gonna be a busy mth for u hmm~13 & 14 feb'10 is our new year, so we have holiday from 13 till 16 Feb'10. quite anticipating for the reunion dinner with family members~

The nutrition snack seem so attractive with rainbow color. take care & ganbadei!