Apr 11, 2010

McFlurry plus Friday evening=?

McFlurry in the Friday evening.

That means I'm exhausted---I realized that unhappy formula=(haha

I've been deadly busy for past 2 weeks. I always came back to home after 11pm. Of course, no dinner at all. It's because April is the beginning of fiscal/academic year in Japan. Personnel changes took place and we've got a new boss.

Friday evening, after coming back to home, I went to Mcdonald almost next to my home and got this McFlurry which is ice cream with Oreo (btw, do you guys have this in your countries' McDonald?). Super tiredness drive me have this super sweet McFlurry.

I hope I don't have to overwork so much this week, please~~~~~!!

1 comment:

exter said...

of course..my country Mcd have this ice cream also...i like it too..vanilla ice cream mix with oreo biscuit...yummy yummy....

kaori, u have take good care also after the tiring week!!