Apr 18, 2010

0:30am on Sun

Today, as I planned yesterday, I was just taking a rest at home. I feel a little bit worried about my health this time. It may be necessary to go to see a doctor. Actually, this season every year, my condition gets worse...Maybe because it's the time the environment around me changes?
Last year, I started to work and probably felt nervous so my condition was different from usual. This year? Nothing big changed though...

One of factors I can come up with is pollen from pine trees. Many people are suffering from pollen allergy around this time. Almost all of them have symptoms of sneezing, running nose. But, some people have headache and dull pain. This may make me down??

Alright, good night~=)

1 comment:

exter said...

pollen allergy~ normally i saw this through drama series bacause it seem not very common in my country....

anyway take good care & good rest at home...recharged your battery & start off again....hehehhe ganbadei!!