Feb 26, 2011

Not good now=(

Hi my friends, how are you doing? I'm safely back from business trip and already 2 weeks past since the trip. Snow on the road already melt but it started snowing today. I think it's not gonna be heavy snow.

After business trip, my condition has been not good=( I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease. It's like gastric acid is going up. Especially, it easily happens when I lie down so it is said it's good to put my head a little bit higher. Yes, I did and I 'cricked' (I'm not sure if this 'crick' says my condition right now).

In NZ, earthquake happened and still many people have been trapped in collapsed building. Around 30 Japanese students are said to be in that. They're studying at language institution for just short term and it happened a few days after their arrival.
Whenever I see news, my heart hurts. Pray for people in NZ...

This weekend, I'll just stay at home and relax. Have a good weekend!!

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