Jun 25, 2010

Around 3a.m., Japan was sooooooo excited!!!

We celebrated Japan win with Maguro!!

Yes, yes, yes...Our soccer team called 'samurai blue' won the game vs. Denmark on June 25th, past 4a.m. in Japan time.
Several hours before the game, not only I but also many people were wondering if we should wake up to watch the game...Luckily, I've got half-day off from Friday afternoon (it's totally coincidence!!) so waking up at 3 a.m. was not so hard.
Our team did a great job. Who could expect this result? Before the world cup, we're really disappointed with the results of pre-games...lost, lost, lost and lost. No wins at all. Some people insisted on replacing the couches. We're not excited of the world cup for this year.
The things has changed since Japan won against Cameroon.
Today, everyone was talking about the game and TV featured the game again and again. Many people are suffering from the sleep shortage including me!!
My family went to an Izakaya to have dinner where many people are still excited of the result of our team. See, in the first picture, there's a mini-samurai blue there!!

p.s. My favorite player is Nakazawa, definitely!!


exter said...

wow, japan team done a good job yeah~ our colleagues in HQ also mentioned about it in the welcome party~
both excited about the match, japan team getting stronger now...ganbadei~
In Japan, most of the coffee shop are close cos we lookign for starbucj nearby our hotel but close also....then just walk around the convenient chop nearby for drink & bought lot of snacks n chocolate~

exter said...

oooo my God sorry, lot of typing error kaori....too fast ya...
lookign >> looking
starbucj >> starbuck
convenient chop >> convenient shop

hehhe.....we try lot of coffee there...nice with the cutie little cream & syrup to add into the coffee n the cake also...nice & yummy, we tried ramen,sashimi,tempura,sakei,beer....

Xazvier said...

how are you doing, been a while i didnt drop a message over here, hope u keep update! yea

kaori said...

Exter, time flies. I feel like it's long time ago when you came to Japan. Do you still have some snacks you bought during staying in Japan??

long time no see here XD thanks for the message. I also hope you sometimes upload your blog=)

exter said...

yip...times flies hahhaha....almost all the snacks finish already...bit still have little ..but reserved for some fren...still haven't pass to them...